Evelyn 2 Layer Muslin Blanket Swaddle 100% Organic Cotton


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Why Earthy Baby
  • 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Blankets- Organic Cotton is the Best Natural and Breathable Fabric for your Baby
  • This Muslin Blanket is 2 layers of Organic Cotton Muslin. Both sides of the blanket are printed.
  • Wide trim around the edges to prevent layers from separating
  • Very soft and gets softer with each wash
  • Perfect for swaddling and as a baby or toddler quilt- Large size makes it very versatile
  • Earthy is a small, eco-friendly, mom-run company based in Hawaii. We are dedicated to using ultra soft organic cotton- Printed and dyed according to GOTS standards (GOTS certification almost complete!)
Sizing Chart

This Earthy sizing chart is for zipper sleepers. 

Why Earthy Baby

Earthy is a mom-owned company based in Idaho where all our products are designed by me, Rosemary Wilder. 

Our wonderful small-business manufacturer is located in India.

Earthy is in the final steps of GOTS certification!  We are waiting on our GOTS certificate number which should arrive very soon!

When you buy Earthy clothing you are supporting a small business in India run by a very kind-hearted entrepreneur dedicated to producing the best quality organic cotton fabrics and clothing. 

Our manufacturer hires young adults from local villages and gives them opportunities to learn the trade of tailoring. Several unskilled helpers and assistants are hired and given time to practice sewing with the machines for 1 hour each day. After 6 months they can become a tailor and be paid a tailor’s wages.

You are supporting a group of young adults from an Indian community. Employees are paid nearly double the wages of what they would be making as a tailor elsewhere. They are paid overtime when working more than 40 hours in a week and also paid bonuses when they complete a certain amount of garments.

No child labor is used. All employees are over the age of 18 and are very happy to be working for such a generous company and in such a kind and happy environment.

The last time I traveled to our manufacturer in India and I worked in the building for a week.  I heard the tailors chattering happily to one another, listening to music, and enjoying being together- being productive- and earning a good wage. You can be sure that Earthy clothing is made in a cheerful environment by people that are fairly reimbursed for their time and effort and are genuinely happy to be working as a tailor- making your organic cotton clothing.

The entrepreneur owner of our manufacturing facility is dedicated to paying employees wages far above the standard amount. He dreams of one day using 50% of the profits his company makes to helping 2 entrepreneurs start their own new business (who each in turn will use 50% of their profits from their new businesses to helping 4 new entrepreneurs start businesses in India). And so the wave will go on.

We feel wonderful about supporting a small business in India led by a kind and giving entrepreneur dedicated to developing the best quality organic cotton fabrics and clothing.

Knowing the kind of environment Earthy clothing is made in is very important to us. We are actively pursuing FairTrade certifications.

We are dedicated to being an Organic and eco friendly. All of our packaging and hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper. We use as little plastic as possible when receiving product from our manufacturer (product is not individually bagged). Whenever we need to use plastic (such as for we spend extra to purchase 100% recycled poly bags.  We don't skimp when it comes to sustainability. Our goal is to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Thank you for being a part of the Earthy family!


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Evelyn 2 Layer Muslin Blanket Swaddle 100% Organic Cotton Organic Earthy Clothing

Evelyn 2 Layer Muslin Blanket Swaddle 100% Organic Cotton