Wholesale Accounts

Earthy is growing- and our supply line is catching up. We are not currently offering wholesale, however, we are creating a list of those interested in wholesaling Earthy products.

Our requirements:

Wholesalers must primarily operate out of a retail location that is consistent with the branding and message of Earthy.

We do not allow online selling of any Earthy products. 
We do not allow any companies to advertise their own company online using Earthy products. 

If you match our requirements then send us an email at:


Tell us about your company and why Earthy products would be a good fit. Also let us know if you would be willing to pre-pay for product in advance and what percentage of the wholesale price you would be willing to pre-pay (20%- 100%).

If your company meets our requirements you will be added to our potential wholesale list and we will contact you as soon as we begin offering wholesale.  

Thank you!

Earthy Team