About Us

Earthy is a mom-owned company run by a garden loving, cow milking, homestead loving mama, me- Rosemary Wilder.  I curate and design all of our prints and love spending time in beautiful nature- the inspiration for our unique earthy prints.  I am a mom of 2 girls and a little boy. My husband, mom and sister help me with marketing, shipping and product organization. It's a real family business! 

At Earthy, we are all about beautiful, soft, stretchy organic cotton clothing- made ethically and responsibly- and offered at sensible prices so more people have the opportunity to fill their closets with clothing they love to wear every single day.

We care about the Earth and the people that live on her. We partner with a small business entrepreneur in India that is dedicated to developing the, softest, stretchiest, GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics and clothing. You can be sure Earthy clothing is being made by loving hands and that our skilled tailors are compensated fairly. FairTrade certification coming soon.

Earthy was started in 2016 when a mom expecting a new baby (Hi! that's me, Rose :) shopped high and low for beautiful, soft, bright colored, affordable, organic baby clothing- and they were nowhere to be found. And that's when the idea was born to create a uniquely styled, affordable organic clothing company. Originally called "Frugal Organics", the name has since been changed to Earthy as the vision of the company expanded into more products.

Thank you for supporting the vision behind Earthy- to spread organic cotton clothing far and wide. The Earth thanks you too.

Learn more about our GOTS organic cotton HERE

If there's something specific you'd like to see or a certain color/ pattern/ theme we would love to hear your input and ideas!

Are you an artist that would love to see your artwork on Earthy clothing? Email me! I am always looking for new unique prints!

You can send an email with an image example-

We are here for you! We want to make your shopping experience as good as possible. If you have any questions or concerns we would love to hear from you and we will do everything possible to help you have an awesome shopping experience!

Sending Joy,

Rosemary Wilder, CEO

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