Product Care

To best care for your Earthy clothing, follow these instructions:

- Machine wash cold (save energy!) or wash by hand

- Use a natural, non-harsh soap

- For best results- hang to dry or tumble dry low. Organic cotton is strong and resilient, however, repeated use of a machine dryer will have a negative impact on any clothing over time.  Hang drying will keep items looking the nicest for the longest amount of time.

The good news is, organic cotton retains more of its natural oils- which helps your new organic clothing resist staining. 

Any knitted items should be placed in a wash bag to prevent the knit from getting snagged by the washer/dryer or by any other items in the wash. Knitted items may need to be dryed in an automatic dryer for the first few washes if you need them to shrink to the right size (they will shrink considerably: 1-2"). If you do not need knitted items to shrink, then hang them to dry. 

Do not dry clean.
Do not use bleach.
Do not use dryer sheets.

You may use an iron at the lowest temperature necessary