What are Organic Cotton Clothes? Is it Really Worth it to Buy Organic?

Organic seems to be all the rage these days! You may have bought organic produce before, but are you wondering about organic clothing? Dressing up your babies is certainly one of the fun parts of being a parent.

So why should you dress them in organic cotton? What’s the difference? Is it worth it? Let’s answer some of your basic questions here.

We all have something in common: we want what is best for our little ones. That includes the best food, clothes, toys, education, lifestyle and environment. We believe that switching to organic cotton clothing when possible helps support the best lifestyle for your child.

What Are Organic Baby Clothes?

Organic cotton vs conventional cotton

So first of all, what does it even mean when we call a piece of clothing “organic?”

Organic clothes are made from cotton, which is grown according to the standards of organic farming. This means the cotton was grown without using any chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or GMO products.

Organic farming produces higher quality cotton and thus higher quality fabric - softer, more sturdy and longer lasting than conventional cotton. But the benefits don’t end there!

Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing

There are a surprising amount of benefits that come with choosing organic clothing.

Higher Quality Clothes

Cotton that is organic is higher quality than cotton that isn’t. You can buy less and it will last longer. That means better hand-me-downs for multiple children, or clothing you can resell or donate once your babies grow out of them.

Better for Baby Skin and Nose

For babies who have younger and more sensitive skin than adults, organic cotton is a great option. It is softer, causes less allergies and respiratory issues and naturally smells pleasant.

Support Farmers


Our society has been trending towards fast and cheap fashion. But if something is cheap for you, it often means the price is high for someone else. In the cotton fabric industry, this is our famers. 99% of cotton farmers are living in developing countries.

By supporting organic cotton, you are creating a demand for good farming practices, which will help protect these farmer’s land, their income, their families and our environment. Studies have shown that growing organic cotton is actually cheaper for farmers than growing conventional cotton.


Organic agriculture is based on sustainability. This means that it supports resilient soil, biodiversity of seeds and wildlife, low environmental impact, renewable resources, etc. Conventional farming uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which are non-renewable and damaging to the environment.

Reduce Pesticide Use

Conventional cotton accounts for around 25% of total insecticides and 10% of total pesticides used around the globe. It is also the fourth most chemically fertilized crop in the world. This has lead to an unbelievable amount of pollution in our air and water, as well as perpetrated the growing number of diseases and pests in cotton farms.

organic cotton baby clothes

Organic cotton is grown in a way that has a low impact on the environment, discourages disease and pests and prevents water and air contamination.  

Protects Water Quality

Farming cotton organically uses LESS water than farming cotton conventionally. It also helps prevent pesticides, insecticides and other dangerous chemicals from entering our water supply. 


Most people agree that organic cotton feels  softer and more comfortable than conventional cotton. Organic cotton is less refined than conventional cotton and harsh chemicals aren't used- so it retains more of its natural oils. Because of this it is naturally more stain resistant, very soft and just gets softer with every wash. 

Is Our Cotton Certified?

At Frugal Organics, we use only cotton that is grown by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and our fabric is GOTS certified. In order for a piece of clothing show the GOTS logo, every step from field, to fabric knitting factory, to cut and sew and dying/printing must also be GOTS certified. Right now in the world there are still a surprising few cut and sew factories that are GOTS certified- which is understandable because it is expensive to get and retain the certification. Frugal Organics is currently in the process of getting our cut and sew factory GOTS certified. When the process is complete we will be able to display the GOTS logo on our products. In the meantime, be assured we are using unbleached organic cotton fabric that is grown according to GOTS standards. 

The benefits of wearing organic cotton can be felt better than they can be told! If you’re ready to try organic clothing for your baby today, hop on over to our main page to see our different styles of baby clothing and blankets. We know you’ll love what you find!